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Turnaround time varies depending on the order and my workload. Typically orders are fulfilled within 2-3 weeks, or more depending on timeframe in which order was placed, type of service purchased, when required information is received, and/or whether a rush fee was added to your order. If you have any questions or concerns about the status of your order please feel free to contact me via email.

- Nyla, The Brand Doctor

  • The First Dose

    Every month
    Welcome to BrandRX Content Hospital: Custom Content Retainer (4)
    • 4 Custom IG Content
    • First dibs on booking
    • 10% Discount Code valid with every purchase
    • 30 minute monthly planning consultation
  • Doctor's Order

    Every month
    This order is made especially for you: Custom Content Retainer (6)
    • Six Custom IG Content
    • 10% Off Coupon Code
    • First dibs for bookings
    • 30 minute monthly planning consultation
  • BrandRX Rehabilitation

    Every month
    Your brand needs rehab from improper marketing: Custom Content Retainer (8)
    • Monthly Retainer for 8 graphics
    • First dibs on booking
    • 10% Off Coupon Code
    • Coupon can be used for every order
    • 30 minute monthly planning consultation
  • Urgent Care

    Every month
    This is a BRAND EMERGENCY: Content Retainer (10)
    • 10 IG Custom Content
    • 10% OFF Coupon Code
    • First Dibs on booking every month
    • 30 minute monthly planning consultation
  • ClubRX

    Every month
    Need consistent club graphics? Sign-Up for five e-flyers weekly, 20 e-flyers monthly, $50 each
    • 3-4 day weekly turnaround
    • Weekly Line-Up Schedule Required
    • Professional Pictures or themes required
    • Weekly or monthly marketing meetings required
    • Reel Stickers to match Flyers
    • 1080x1080 (Regular Instagram Post) + 1080x1920 (Story Post)
  • The Almighty Praise Branding

    Every week
    Using my God given gift to help churches elevate and market their brand effectively.
    • 10 Graphics each month
    • Monthly Meetings + Weekly Check-ins
    • Professional Pictures + Church Schedule Required
    • Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Youtube Thumbnail Included
    • Reel Cover Designs + Instagram Story/Reel Stickers
    • Matching Instagram Story Graphics
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